Sunday lunch. Pizza pie.

By zazazu

August 29, 2010

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I should pause here and say a bit about the way I eat.  I know it seems that I post the same things over and over but that is due mostly to my method of eating.

I have a certain list of things I get when I go grocery shopping.  These things can be mix-and-matched pretty well with each other and are all very healthy.  Okay, okay, I do get the occasional box of gelato.  By and large, I know what I’m going to eat each and every day.  Not by way of meal planning, but because I only have certain things in my cupboards.  It turns into a matter of how to combine them to make different meals.

That being said, I find this way of eating to be the healthiest for me.  When I only have certain things – all healthy things – I eat better.  So, it might seem boring but to me it isn’t.  Figuring out how to combine these things for each meal is, I find, a wonderful exercise in creativity.

This is today’s meal.

Store bought cheese pizza topped with olive oil, smushed up black beans (canned but rinsed thoroughly), spinach and fresh tomatoes.  Side of fresh cucumber in rice wine vinegar.

Holy yum.


2 Responses to “Sunday lunch. Pizza pie.”

  1. I would never have thought to put black beans on pizza. I’m intrigued.

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